Major news! collab? mike and ike are back!



Ok guys, as you may have seen by the title, Mike and Ike are back. But, that isn't what I want to emphasize. My BFF, other known as Glittergirl000, who had to leave hopscotch, like me, because of school. The only difference is: I am in again, and they don't have iPads anymore, but she is planning to get it in the family iPad. Anyway, she is an AMAZING coder. Why I'm excited about this is because I haven't seen her in 6 months!! She moved last year, and she was on hopscotch, and, she had followed me. She was on my iPad and she was like "I love this person's projects! Her name is LazyLizard, and sometimes she reminds me of you!" I told her to go to my profile, and behold, LazyLizard. She created a collab called Team GlitterLizard, and it grew from there. I am going to let you in on a secret: Last time we were in a car and she made one SWEET project!! It is still in beta because at the time she was crazy for Doodle Buddy, but the project is called LazyLizard Land, and I'm obsessed with it! I want to surprise her with a lot of cool projects, so on Hopscotch, make projects that say #mikeandike so we can surprise her! I am also opening up GlitterLizard sign-ups. I really hate tough requirements,cut we don't want to have a club full of people who just want to be in a club. Therefore, if you correspond with the following, you will be at a higher rank.
1 Trending, Featured, or Rising
Been on for 2+ months
Have gotten at least 5+ likes
Wants to be committed
Good Luck Everyone!


Join the FUN!!!!!
It'll be great!


May I manage this collab? I don't have Hopscotch, but I am on the forum! :smile:

I have gotten 3+ Trending, 1 on the very top of Rising
I have been on for 2+ months
I have gotten 5+ likes (100+! :grin:)
I will be committed! :wink:

I hope I join! :smile::smile:


Ok, you can be in charge of keeping everyone alert and organized, but also try to scoop up some more people! I'm in commando mode because I just saw
The Force Awakens


Guys, please!! Please!!! Please do this!


Anyone? It's for a welcome back ceremony!! :smile:


I'd love to!
Trending: I JUST HIT my 100th trending!
Featured: 3 projects, one got about 1000 :wink:
Rising: My BB story plot... :grin:
I've been on since June
Not trying to brag, but each of my projects have about 50 likes each, and like 15 100+ projects (NOT TRYING TO BRAG)
Also, one of my projects is an alert!
And yes, I will commit to projects


I would love to join!
I have been on trending lots to of times
I have been featured 3 times
I have been on rising 2 times
I started last year September but on my new acc since February
I have gotten over 600 likes on my projects (Don't mean to brag)
And I'll be VERY committed


All right, @LotsaPizza and @DancingLollipop, you guys are in! :smile:

Also, @LazyLizard, is there a day we have to be finished by?


I have had 8 feature's over 80 trending's I don't like to brag if I do I feel bad about it...most of my 90% of my projects get 5= likes and and im committed and I have been on hopscotch since it started


For this one, I'll wait until @LazyLizard comes back. :wink:


You. Are. In!!
You are a great coder!!


Ok! You are in! Super excited!


awwwwww thx! that just made my day :slight_smile: <3


Ok!! You are in, too! She is coming tomorrow, so we will sort out the spots!! So excited to have you in!


Gah, I hate listing my achievements, it makes me sound self centered, but here you go
I've had 3 features, my most recent one having 2130 likes
I've achieved almost 200 trendings
I've had 4 risings,
The Elf Simulator
The Hunger Games Teaser
Bauble Challenge
Rainbow Snail Tapper
I have about 35+ likes minimum on my projects
I've been here for 2 years (different accounts)
My current one is OrangeScent
Despite me being in multiple collabs, I will be committed to this!


Ok! You are in! She will be ecstatic to hear THE ORANGE SCENT is joining!


:blush: thanks! I love working in collabs :wink:


Well, being that she is coming tomorrow, you can send them in though the next few days, just tell me and I'll remix them, and if you would like leave a link so I can email them to her!


I have nothing on Trending, Rising, or Featured :disappointed:
I have been on since September
My best amount of likes is 11