Major login glitch!


I had login into my second account, then I went to log back into mine. When I entered the right password, when I hit login, it doesn't do anything.

I can't log back in! I tried everything. I deleted and redownloaded hopscotch, I restarted my tablet, and I reset my password, and I know I'm typing it right.

When I type The wrong password, it gives me the wrong password message, but when I type in my realpassword, it just doesn't do anything.


@Liza @Rodrigo

Also, off topic, @Liza, have you seen my email I sent you about visiting the hopscotch HQ?i sent it about a week ago!


Please help :frowning:️I signed out on my tablet and now I can only go on hopscotch on my phone.

Is anyone else having this problem?


Yes same is happening here!
I can't log into ANY of my accounts. And there are some very important things I must do and I don't have a phone!


Try to email THT. If there is a bug they will fix it soon. But if you email them it will go faster. Take some screenshots!


Well screen shots won't help because it just looks normal. Also how do I email THT if I am not in my account?


Use your email if you have one or ask your parents. Send an email to THT from there.


Ok it worked! I did not email


Yah, I finally was able to log in, thanks @William04GamerA anyway tho! I'll keep a eye on this glitch!


M... interesting. I thought this was already solved. Did Thomas answered on the forum about problems with drafts and accounts?