Major help PLEASE



So I've worked really hard on this birthday project and now the cake is messed up at the end!

I really need help! , thanks Wookie


You will get credit if you fix it!

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Fixed! :smiley:


It's still glitchy :disappointed:



What do you need help on then? It kept repeating because you didn't put (repeat forever)
(Wait 500 mileseconds]



Was this how it was supposed to look?


Heheh. I fixed it also. But I made it laggy.


I did that exact same thing!


Oh I get it.


It's still laggy ugh.

@MagmaPOP @SmilingSnowflakes @SmileyAlyssa @Gilbert189

Any of you know?


Is this what it should look like?


Well no...

@SmilingSnowflakes can you just make a pink cake for me :D


What is it supposed to look like? :D

I'll get it to work...

Unless the cake is supposed to look like a flying potato.

I'm not sure how I'll get it to morph into that. XD


I'm just make it a pink birthday cake

(With different shades of pink)


Please have it done soon, I need to post it today :wink:

And can you do it on my project and remix it?



Is it done yet?


I kinda need to post soon :pensive:


@Wookie, what is it supposed to look like?


Like a cake

Pink cake



Okay! I'll try to fix it without lag!



But can you do it fast I need to post it :grin:



On the three, are you trying to make bold text? Like everybody else uses?



Yeah but with 2 colors like this: