MAJOR CLONE BUG (layering above)

Use this template to make awesome bug reports:
Your username:
Periwinkle :dolphin: Dolphin
What kind of device are you using?:
iPad Pro
1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened):
I was doing clone pixel art and then a clone bug happened
Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. idk

I expected this to happen:
The second layer to go below the other layer
But instead this happened:
It went above and fused together
Here’s a sweet screenshot:


Are you sure there's nothing wrong with your code? It's always good to double check in case you made a mistake :wink:


Can you show me a screenshot of your code??


Are you sure nothing is wrong with your code
And what are the steps to make the problem happen? That might help

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@MR.GAM3R @PumpkinGirl @ValueGamesStudio


What exactly did you want it to do??

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Make the layers go below each other to create pixel art