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Got it :D


So... What exactly is this and how is it different to the FMTL


A feature that Regular+s can do that can make everyone edit a post


Also leaders and mods I need to get your attention
@Gilbert189 oops


I meant the "mailing" part...


It allows people to share their stuff so they don't clog the forum


What, I don't get it.


Oh... I think I saw a similar topic by @tankt2016...


What do you mean by mailing?




Does anyone want to be my coding partner? This is a message to everyone! If you do, sign up in my topic: EnchantedHopscotcher's Coding Partner Competition!


Off topic

Why is your profile pic gray?


Rawrbear made it kinda fade out so its gray


Is there a reason why?


I thinks it's an event


I don't understand this topic.
First of all when the forum is clogged with things like that people have a chance to learn to not do that
So your kinda ruining the point of learing not to do that. :smiley:


But the people who know does notdo it now can use this topic instead of clogging the forum


So if I need to tell @madeUpPerson something I say it in this topic instead of creating one saying Hey @MadeUpPerson (question)
It's just instead of making topic to tell someone something


Actually, this is exactly like @AHappyCoder's Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2). And I made a Hopscotch :e-mail: Email project to chat about Hopscotch in Hopscotch.

Please search before you post.


I added my test account if that's ok. :3 (of course I added me too tho xD )