Mail Simulator News! There's a twist


So in my BIGGEST project Mail Simulator, I am almost finished with one of the mini games! But... It will take SO long to do all three! Should I just do that one and update it with the new mini games? That's what I plan on doing... If you object speak now or forever hold your peace. If you totally support this idea let me know also as well, thanks! By updating with the mini games I mean every time I finish a minigame I will publish it


That sounds so cool! Good luck!


Ok ok because I do not feel like editing I am commenting. I think I'll just go with that but... But but but. If you have any suggestions for a minigame (THAT RELATES TO MAIL) comment it! Here's what I have already: Naughty or Nice (the one I'm almost done with) where you decide whether they're naughty or nice to tell Santa if their letter needs to go to him or not. Then there's Price Sticker (probably the hardest one) where you get the right price tag on the item. And then delivery where you deliver mail. So any suggestions?


Match the mail. Maybe you could have a bin for US, Russia, and Canada or something, and each mail has a certain stamp. Say, if the mail had a red stamp, It would go in the Canadian bin. You could also do it with streets, addresses, or even people, instead of contries


Maybe you could have a game where you deive down the street and put he mail in the mailboxes


Great idea I'll do that instead of the Price Sticker one because that was gonna be hard REAL HARD (also because it has a terrible name, Price Sticker)


I'm doing that it's delivery


Could you please give me credit if you use it? Just put my name in the corner and say like idea by Paydent12


Oh yeah I'll say that Mail Match was your idea in the credits no problem!


Ok thanks! Its happened to me before when someone uses my idea but doesnt give me credit and I was angry so just making sure XD