Mai general topik elle xd


Anyone have drawing requests?????
Hair colour:
Skin colour:
Hair style:




U gunna request @ButterBark??


O hi checkywecky u gunna request?


Yoy i will are one!!
Hair: brown with green ends(long hair by the way),
Skin: tannish,
Shirt: green
Pants: blue capris
Extras: blue/brown glasses, brown eyes....? Red shoes

There ya go!


Umm... Bye @CheckyWecky...


Yaya thx k i will be right back!!!!


Ur request


U like)??????????? Yay! I tried!!!!


Oh cool! Thanks! Dont worry about not having red shoes, i like it!


Auuuughhh ya the teal was socks lol


Oh okay! Its okay, its great!!


Yay thx!!!!!!!! Lol thought u were gone


Gtg gonna be on tomorrow


Redraw my profile pic plz


Hair Color: Dark brown, shoulder length, wavy, shiny, not held up

Skin Color: Tan

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Clothes: white tank top, blue skinny jeans (teeny bit ripped), metallic high tops

Accessories/Extra: diamond earrings (dangles), navy blue fedora with cream colored strap (kinda pulled over eyes), cool smirk :smirk:, retro Bolé sunglasses


I will! (Because u r ma fren!)
Hair colour: light brown with golden highlights
Skin color: very light tan
Hair style: VERY long and in braids
Clothes: really long flowy dress
Accessories: necklace


Ok!! Thx for all da requests guys!!!


Ur request!! Sry, its bad..


Dat took me so long.. Plus, my pad glitched da whole time