Mai cousin joined HS! :D


Mai cousin joined HS! Her name is currently -Pusheen :D- but she's thinking about changing it. She jus made her first project, and she's rlly gud at art! Please go check her out! :0



My cousin's really good at art, but I don't see her because she moved to Seattle, but you should try to make her join the fourm :D


I will! Hang on.......


I found the account, but I can't find any projects on the account.


Ooh! I think I was just followed by someone named -Pusheen :D-!


I think her project's stuck in the filter. D:


Lol, I hate when that happens


Oh. D:
I wonder wut happened :0


Oh I saw she liked my project, I'll find her on hopscotch


okey! Thanks! ;D
I appreciate it!


The project is stuck in the filter ;-;


Cool! I will check your cousin out on HS! Will she join the forum as well?


I'm not sure...she's visiting for thanksgiving, and she arrived yesterday!
I don't get to see her a lot, but talking to her on da forums would be great! I will try and get her to join while she's here! (She leaves next wknd ;-; )