MagmaPOP's Random Tune


Hey @MagmaPOP !
I have to say, your random tune was AMAZING! It was really beautiful, even though it was short. It almost had me in tears! I love it so much! The melody and the harmony blend together really well; I was wondering if I could add more to it? If no, I'm completely fine with it! I just love it so much!
(And if yes, I'll probably start working on the end after the Monopoly Collab, after all the prizes I have to give out, and after my partner competition.)


Same, and it apparently was completly random, do you can't look it up...


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Sure you can @Snoopy


I was just wondering if I could blend different notes together by using different entities... It kinda lags in hopscotch, but it works great on the web player! @Stampys_fans @seawolfwerehorse


:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage: you stole my tune!

Haha I'm kidding :sweat_smile:
I was planning to do something like that when there are more octaves on hopscotch. @magmapop it sounds good the first time, but it gets kinda out of rhythm after that. A good way is to do 0miliseconds so it can run through a loop smoothly.


It loops perfectly in the web player. The delay in hopscotch is just lag or something... :wink: