MagmaPOPP, real or fake



I logged in to Hopscotch today and I saw a project from a guy named MagmaPOPP. He sounds nothing like MagmaPOP, he's liked a bunch of random projects, which is kind of weird, and he made a grammar mistake, which I've never seen before, so...

Do you think the account is real? I mean, couldn't MagmaPOP just login to his account?

  • I dunno... it seems real to me.
  • I dunno... it doesn't seem real...
  • I'm too busy watching potatoes to care about this BYE
  • I'm not sure!


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It's not right for someone to pretend to be him, and obviously MagmaPOP can't say it's real because he hasn't been here since December. :confused:

Do you believe the new MagmaPOPP is real?
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Dude it's pretty obvious it's a fake


No. I am 100% sure it's just a fake.


Yeah. That's what I think, but I just wanted to ask before I said anything on HS.


I think it's fake
I could be wrong


It's definitely fake. The project quality is low, and I doubt MP would come back on a new account.


It's clearly fake


Yeah XD


It's fake. MagmaPOP doesn't talk like that.


Well is it the real account with posted stuff that's on featured or another account pretending to be him or a fan account


Wait i thought it was the origanal account LoL


It's fake. We've seen this before. MagmaPOP wouldn't use a silly text emoticon


Agreed, since he didn't create a new account to say hello in December


Plus. MagmaPOP doesn't like projects that are chat. He only likes his own projects or people who remixed his, or creations of a noob, or some other cool projects. Not chat


MagmaPop probably would have logged into his account. If he lost his password he would have made a new account and told the forum.


I don't see a difference form these though. Why would he suddenly make a smile??


Lol, everyone like this one to get it on trending:


It's REALLY obvious that it's fake. Search up MagmaPOP, and you'll find TONS of people. All of the well known hopscotchers get lots of imposters-I don't see why we should fuss over this one.


I agree. It's like the issue with CWAB!


It's so fake XD
Though I'm really concerned it managed to get on trending.
MagmaPOP has a much higher standard on his projects and wouldn't upload a project that looked like that.