☆MagmaPOP: The Inside Story☆ Case closed, fake account, searching to see if he will be back



☆We know a lot of you have been thinking @MagmaPOP has left, but that isn't true. We think that his iPad screen was broken. We think that's why he left. But he didn't leave! We think he created a new profile. His new username is "MagmaPOP 2.0"! Search for him on Hopscotch! Do you know how we know this? Well, this morning, we saw a project saying that he created a new profile, "MagmaPOP 2.0"! And that's the inside story!☆


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He only left for a while according to his projects. It's probably someone just impersonating magmapop to get followers and likes.

I highly doubt if magmapop left for only a while they would come back within a few days and create a new account.


He/she published about five remixes, and his grammar is 5 times better. It's obviously fake! :wink:


Seriously? I saw that MagmaPOP 2.0's first project says, "I'm back!".


I'm going to go check him out again. Do the same.


Yes, but if that would've been MagmaPOP's project, he would've made it 5 times better, and he would've used a "Set Speed" block on the mouth! :wink:


Ya, this guy is DEFINITELY NOT MagmaPOP🙄.


Yeah, look what I just did. I gave MagmaPOP 2.0 this message on his first project to see if he really does know MagmaPOP. He is a new Hopscotcher. New Hopscotchers usually don't know a lot about Hopscotch, and if this one knows a lot about Hopscotch, then he is probably the real MagmaPOP. Let's see if he makes a good advanced project. I did see that his most recent project says that he is making a new project.

Is this really the original MagmaPOP? Is your username on The Hopscotch Forum @MagmaPOP? Do you know the password to MagmaPOP's old account? How many times has MagmaPOP been on Featured?
- tankt2016


Are you sure? I just gave him a little MagmaPOP quiz to see how much this new "MagmaPOP 2.0" knows about MagmaPOP.


Bye, recess is about to end.


Do you think MagmaPOP 2.0 is the real MagmaPOP?

  • Yes

  • No



I wish I could look. . .The iPad's dead. But anyway, let's see if MagmaPOP 2.0 makes advanced projects and completes my little MagmaPOP quiz, or makes a simple project and/or a report-worthy project.


Even though it may be him, we cannot assume. I wouldn't spread this around, as again it may not be him.


And I can tell it isn't him. :neutral_face:


Well, like I said earlier, let's see if he makes an advanced project.


So yeah why would'nt magmaPOP 2.0 (if he was magmaPOP ) log into the orignal magmaPOP acconut and he would say his screen was broken!


Well, I gave MagmaPOP 2.0 a little quiz about MagmaPOP the original. Look up and you will see in bold the little MagmaPOP quiz I gave him. And the only way we can really find out if MagmaPOP 2.0 is the real one is if he makes an advanced game. I am going to go check his profile again.


HHHEEEEYYY!!!! You said you two(I think) had no friends on Hopcotch! Wanna change that?:wink::+1:


I'm pretty sure that, that profile os fake.