MagmaPOP isnt leaving? Or is he?!


In the message, its hidden "BAS."
Like the topic called Why MagmaPOP is leaving (explained)
They say BAS stands for Back After Summer.
But BAS also stands for @BuildASnowman, so possibly he is leaving and magma is saying by to him. It is most likely not, because MagmaPOP aparrently put his last project up.

So he might be leaving. It is such a shame such a great coder had to leave. But it is still a posibilty because 15 weeks ago was about summer starting. So he should be back soon. If he isnt, we will hope he comes back. I cant imagine such a gifted coder leaving his hobby and thing he is known for.

Talk in quotes challange

<smol. very smol.> this was already discussed in a different topic. Since I am the only post, I isn't too late to recycle :wink: oh how I hope magmapop comes back...


I think it's because BAS edited the post. kiwi did, and other mods/leaders did too, including myself. He did leave.


Oh hi @Anonymous. I thought you were gone. I missed everything.

Oh yeah I saw that message about the oils and... that weird stuff. Yeah Im pretty sure MagmaPOP is gone.


Omg you posted on one of my posts! Thanks, but i thought you were leaving i was gonna do a topic about that lol.


@MagmaPOP has ever been on the forum ?


Yep, he was on the forum! :D

Then he left ;-;



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Yey. Amazhang quote. Want to hear my very life motivating quote?

"r u a carrot" -Enchy :D

Magmy is leaving.


I have a lot of great quotes both on Forum and IRL.
Oh, plus I'm not a carrot—

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Hokay BOT


He wouldn't of published his unfinished projects if he was going to be back. :wink:


As you said, this was already discussed in the other topic.
The only thing MP wrote in that topic was "Bye <Bye from MagmaPOP>"
Then some leaders edited and BAS (buildasnowman) wrote "<I thought there would be some kind of secret message :BAS>.
This doesn't mean "Back After Summer".


Lol we already discussed this.. He is leaving. We don't really need another topic about it.


This is a dupe of

BAS is BuildASnowman. When you see my name, it usually isn't a secret code, but just my name XD


BAS just edited the post to say his goodbye.

It's not 'back after summer' XD


Here's a full quote reply:




No offense, but i take that kind of rude....


I mentioned, but this is extended. That topic didnt mention his last project post. Please dont close this down!


Oh, sorry, didn't mean to be rude :slight_smile:.