MagmaPOP is still alive


I just saw a thing. MagmaPOP had a project that was with a AK-47 but now it's deleted. Maybe he had unpublish it...
Check it out. Maybe he isn't still alive :wink: What do you think?



Is magma POP still on HS

That would be awesome!
But, it might also be because someone reporter it... I mean, it isn't extremely appropriate if you get what I mean...


I know. Have you seen it?


Yeah, I checked it out.


Me too can you see it I can't


I can't see it.. and he liked one of my project!


woah why are y'all coming up with these theories I haven't had any coffee yet gimme a couple minutes


Oki no time no see ,


So here's my story of how I know MagmaPOP.

So I joined hopscotch in October of last year. Guess who's game was on featured... MAGMAPOP!!!! MagmaPOP helped me code my first game! I then joined the forum in November of last year, but I never met MagmaPOP on the forum. After that first day on the forum, I quit the forum.

I then rejoined in the beginning of June this year.

I realized that MagmaPOP has left, and I was so sad. I have been on everyday since I realized MagmaPOP left.

I will never forget that...

Please return @MagmaPOP... you helped me with my first game!


Your right. I dopidnt even play it but I saw it. Anybody have a link?




Like a day ago...
I've got proof... @CreationsOfaNoob


I'm just gonna report a hacker.


Woah wait he might have come back don't yet...


Well, it might just a hacker.


Oh, I should un mute him in my preferences.


A hacker? What? Um... XD


He said he was leaving.
(Kinda Ike me XD)
First time using XD.


There's probably no hacker on MP's account, and if so, so? He quit, anyway.


He gonna give shoutouts to his own account on magmapop's account.