MagmaPOP impersonator


Someone is trying to pass off as magmapop. Don't fall for it, it's not real.

Wrong photo sorry


Umm... @MagmaPop left.
EDIT: Nevermind, I didn't see the link


The link is not working for me


Should we tag THT?
They encourage impersonation...


??? THT encourages impersonation?


Yes, it happened before and THT said that it's good.



come to the fourm
you need to tell us


I believe that that is an impersonator, but no one knows for sure, so i wouldnt say anything to this person. Who knows, maybe the impossible has happened and MP is back :stuck_out_tongue:


Whaaa? They incourage impersonation??? :no_mouth:


I think mp would make some elaborate project for his return.


I saw this! I never believe this kind of stuff so I passed through it. We should ask him questions that only the real magampop would know to see if he is the real one.


I think so too, but who knows :thinking:


I don't think they encourage it.. They just don't discourage. I'm pretty sure they say that it's amazing that someone thinks your coding and ideas are so good, they want to show others as well. Also it's pretty easy tell who the impersonators are, they never have many likes and are not noticed very much.

Personally I've never had impersonators but I wouldn't care that much if I did. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


Yes, they do.
I wish I could find when they said that. @FoodDelivery was being impersonated.


I've seen them do it before.


why would someone do this? do they just wanna get popular?

if this person really wants to be popular, they should work for it


I guess we should just ignore it, no point in overreacting :3

Not that you are overreacting though XD


Yah, I'm just warning peeps. Do want people getting too excited.