MagmaPOP fraud?



@MagmaPOP @alish
Okay, so I was trying to find MagmaPOP, so I searched his account, and this account popped up:

"MagmaPOP (w/hotdog logo)" claims that he has made a second account and he will not announce it on his main channel. I think, "He is a fake." I have looked closer at "MagmaPOP"'s projects, and I think "MagmaPOP" is really Artay Inc. Here is the evidence:

Above is Artay's page

Above is "MagmaPOP"'s page.

Above are "MagmaPOP"'s likes.
Judge for yourself. Do we have a MagmaPOP fraud in Hopscotch?

  • 1 MagmaPOP w/hotdog logo is a fraud
  • 2 MagmaPOP w/hotdog logo is really MagmaPOP
  • 3 MagmaPOP w/hotdog logo is a fraud and really Artay Inc.



Its not MagmaPOP I think, because MagmaPOP Would never ask for likes and follows, he would earn it like any Hopscotcher should


First of all, nice detective skills! The photos were awesome
Second of all, my name was in there, so I photobombed :D.
Last of all, I think you have some pretty solid evidence. MagmaPOP would be smarter than that to just create a new account and beg for stuff.


Woah!i need to check that out once i get home!


Yeah! And MagmaPOP is an autofollow! No way he/she would beg for follows and likes!


Thats definetley not magmapop they started in january 2015 and they are a bear! there is a fraud!!! and its artay? where did magmapop go?


I totally don't think that is the real MagmaPOP. Maybe Artay Inc. wanted more attention.


Well, "MagmaPOP (w/hotdog)" he claimed he made a second account. But why would he need another one.


yeah. so where did magmapop go? whats his account name? at least we can find them easy if we go to featured!


He (real MagmaPOP)is still there, there just are two names that are both spelled "MagmaPOP" exactly the same.


Well, look at it this way, why would MagmaPOP go and suddenly make a second account when he said he was making his last project. If MagmaPOP did make a new account, wouldn't he have at least changed the name?


woah! and also magmapop doesnt publish messages


When i looked at artays projects they seemed liked alot like magmapops a little


I will check out the situation for myself. Most likely it is a fraud wanting attention


Artay Inc is not MagmaPOP, I can tell. There is handwriting, and the drawings aren't too good.


That's obviously NOT MagmaPOP.


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HOW DO THEY MAKE ACCOUNT WITH SAME NAME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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I know, right? I think we should contact the Hopscotch Team about this.


hax, @OrangeScent1 hacked into regular, now she's teaching other peoples to hack (btw that's a joke)

ummm... Unicode with similar looking text? like a different font but they kept the "O" or something because it kinda just fit


They're.. gone?

The fraud isn't on the list of MagmaPOPs..??