Magma Pop might come back...? I hope...?



I just made a mind crushing realization...
So I was scrolling down @MagmaPOP's profile, and I came across these two projects from like, 40 weeks ago.
He left 42 weeks ago... BUT THEN HE CAME BACK! What if this project
Gets a pair, saying that he's back again!?!?!?!? I know it's unlikely, since he said he was leaving 26 weeks ago, and last time he came back there was only a two week gap between the two projects.... But what if he comes back, just like last time...?
What do you guys think?




I mean it make since but idk


Calm down lol.

MP leaving or coming back is down to him.
No point hoping for something that might not happen.

I hope he does, but let's not get too excited :slight_smile:


Calm down. Like @KVJ said we shouldn't get to pumped up about something that might not happen.

If MP comes back that would be AWESOME, but we shouldn't get our hopes up to high.

I mean it was kind 40 weeks ago...


What's with all the MagmaPOP conspiracy theories? Not that I wouldn't want hem to happen.... (MagmaPOP is awesome)


Maybe 44 weeks...?
He may come back


He might be back....who knows!

It's not ours to tell, tho! :wink:


I hope he does! That would be awesome!


Here's some quote I made last night:

"You cannot replace somebody's new self with their past self."

I think that has nothing to do with it but, I really don't think he's coming back.


It is his/her decision. We should not bother it.


Preach brother


Well I'm a sister, but thanks. :)


y'all are too obsessed with him

he said he's not coming back, so put it to rest for a bit


It would be very great to get him back!
But I don't think he will


It would be nice to have @MagmaPOP back, but we shouldn't make random topics about a small chance of him coming back.
(Sorry if this offends you, just my opinion)


I was thinking the same thing