Magic Square 3x3 editor made for all to use


Tap a black number and then press the arrows to increase/decrease the value of the black number.
The black number is a number squared.
Example 9 is 3x3, 64 is 8x8

This project can make it easier to try and solve the unsolved magic square 3x3 grid with squared values.


And a shout out to @TheRealBlah who has made a project to try and solve this problem as well.
I haven't seen what project @TheRealBlah has made.


Simple, it doesn't actually work. I forgot all about order of operations. You can fix it. And add credit to it. Also I don't care if you don't give credit to me.



I think mine works properly.
You can try it out and see if it works alright.


Okie, it adds up all then numbers THEN it does that. I guess I forgot all about BODMAS.


It's not on your profile though.


You just need to make a few tweaks.
You know what to do now.


What's not on my profile?


The project. For the magic squares.


Here is a screenshot of the published project


Yes, but I'm too lazy now. You wouldn't believe how much time I spent on that machine.


Here is also a screenshot.


I spent around 30 mins.
I was watching tv while I made it.
So maybe I could have done it in 15 mins.



It's too laggy. And I have an A7 Chip. Just modify my code. It's less laggy and less confusing. Your code sometimes doesn't work.


I'll check mine out and see.
I coded the numbers to rise/fall every half second when an arrows pressed.
So there's no lag on my iPad 3.
I deliberately slowed the speed so the values didn't change too fast.
It's not confusing.

The red numbers along the bottom is the total value of the black values squared above them.
And the red numbers on the right is the total value of the black values squares on their left.
The blue numbers are the total value of the diagonal values squared.
It's easy to understand.