Magic :) How to improve on my story?


So, I am making a game and story. It's called Magic. And I was wondering if anyone has any good advice on writing a good story.
P.s I am not copying anyone. This is all my idea and I was inspired by my friend who does not code.


Sorrrrrry, if to hard, though use as if's and make it interesting, (do you want to hire me?, no payment needed!!!!) and look either here! ha ha just kidding!!!!! Click here ha ha do it under here,,,

:smiley: And here (that's an old and boring joke now so I will try to think more 🤔🤔🤔🤔)


Thank you. This helped me a lot :slightly_smiling: But I guess I will still use a lot of my techniques :wink:


Yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr welcome :smile_cat:


The 22 Rules to Perfect Storytelling According to Pixar might help you.
And also, your book is titled the same as my first series, and that only went on for one episode because others couldn't see the second, and I realized that I have to create the ending before I even try writing/showing the story in Hopscotch. Here is the first episode, if you're curious:


I can help. First tell me the genre and the plot Of your story.


Same, and :heart: to write, may the best writer win ... (DAN DAN DAAAN)


I quite want to write it by myself sorry.


Sorry but I would like to write it by myself although I will have writing contests in the future

This is a quick look at a story I am making. I have gotten many compliments about my writing, so maybe this will help you??


i meant like the plot of your story. I meant "help" as in tips not collab lol




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