Maestro Music Composer v0.1 (NEED IDEAS AND TESTERS)



Hey guys! I finally got Hopscotch on my school Ipad a few days ago, so I can now code! :smiley:

So, I made a music composer!
Here is the link:
Simply select notes, tap a square to put them in, and then play your new composition.
There are over 9^125 possible songs you can make!
But, this is just a prototype. I need you guys to report bugs, give constructive criticism. and suggest features to make this an awesome project!


First, it's really neat. I like it.
I think it'd be awesome if you added a way to adjust the time it 'waits' between notes. Possibly by dragging the bars between notes...


Can I Do It?????????????


Arg, I was going to make something like this.

But it looks and sounds really cool!



Huh... that never happened to me in my drafts... I'll work on it, but you guys can feel free it to try to fix it and you will get 'co creator' credit :smiley:


Im on a school ipad, that may be why. I can check on my other iPad when I charge it


Huh, weird. That just glitch just happened to me, but usually doesn.t Ill try to bugfix.


Thanks! It's still really cool :wink:


Can.... I.... Test...?