Madsie’s Coding Topic!



Hello everyone and welcome to my coding topic!
This topic is where I will post games and stuff that I code :3

Here are some projects of mine that I quite like:
Disclamer: They are in order from oldest to newest projects
Digital Hug Website
Present Catcher
Nooobster the game
this list will continue to grow when I make more projects and stuff.

If you would like to be tagged when I post projects please add your name in the details folder below:

Madsie’s Coding Peops

These peops will be tagged when @Madsie05 posts code that she thinks people might be interested in seeeing


Thanks guys and enjoy the topic I guess :)


I think that your coding is really cool!


I love the digital hug service :smiley:
I would love to be added to your code tag list!