Madison's Drawings/Community Drawings! ❤️💕





Thank you for listening. This is no longer needed.

First of all:

Second of all:
Really? I don't see the point of this topic?
Maybe you could explain better instead of just pasting a bunch of stolen art here?


I am getting angry please stop chasing m down I don't always have time like you do so stop.


I don't always have time. But I don't substitute for that by posting other peoples' art.

Stealing art, stealing someone else's creation, without giving credit, is a violation of the Fair Use/Copyright laws. The fact that you were claiming these as your own is worse.
You can be seriously punished for violations of these laws. Sure, you might've gotten away with it a few times because this is a kids' Forum, but on other platforms, you can be very seriously punished.

I'm not chasing you down. I'm just scrolling through Latest and visiting topics.


@EmojiArts, hmmmmmmmmm…


Please use the updated one (OMTL)
I removed myself about 2-4 months ago
Thanks! :D