Madi's Game Contest Submit Your Game!


Hey everyone!
All the participants to my game contest can post their links here! The poll will start once everyone has put up their link!

Don't worry if your not done, you can post your link today, Saturday, or Sunday!

@AwesomeNachos: AwesomeNacho's Game
@KarmicSans2: KarmicSans2's Game
@HopedHoper: HopedHoper's Game
@FoodDelivery: FoodDelivery's Game


I will post it in half an hour


Great, thanks! :smiley:


My game failed :frowning: it's okay tho


I'm sure it's great! :smiley:Are you still going to post the link?


I'm not sure.


My game:


Sorry, I'm probably not going to be able to enter. :frowning:


Ok that's fine! You would have had to join a week ago anyways​:joy:


(Tap this text!)



Thanks! Also, how do you make it say "tap this text" I have been wondering how to do that.


So where you see those chains you tap that and then paste your link in the first slot and the text you want it to be called in the second slot


My game:
It's a little glitchy tho...



Try to finish up your game!!! Please send in the link as soon as possible! :wink: Hopefully today!


It's looooooonnnggg since done.

Tagging Competitors!


Sorry I keep tagging you! :sweat_smile:

So, the due date is supposed to be today.

Should I wait for everyone else to put up their link or do the poll now?

  • Start the polls!
  • Wait for everyone
  • Wait a day or two


Votes are public.


I dont really get this??!
Is it just you saying whos project/game is better and which ever u choose gets to be credited or gets to be in one of your games???!
Is that it??! @Madi_Hopscotch_


I fink so... but I don't care...


The page says it does not exist @DA-BEASTY


Now it works!!
Ugghhhh 20 characters