-madi- sure is famous!



@Madi_Hopscotch_ is famous as -madi- on hopscotch. She even has her own tag!


Yeah, she pretty much is. XD

When you get to be a regular (keep working hard!), then I'm pretty sure you can make your own tags! :0

Wait a second, I'm just gonna do something.

Edit: done :smiley:


What the whoa added my tag in it? Btw, i have a tag? Are my eyes playing tricks on me?


We regulars can make tags! Do you want me to make a tag?


Maltese already did that!


Hi @DragonMc!! You are right @Madi_Hopscotch_ is an amazing coder!!


I just did :slight_smile:


Whoa whao whoa! Thx @Maltese and @DMF! But i wasn't talking about adding the tags here! But thx! I can use it any time


@Maltese want to go to the trail art topic? I have a question for you.


Yeah, I know you weren't talking about it but I just thought you would like one anyways :D




I added dragonmcisawesome


I added #dragon_mc and #dragonmciscool :slight_smile:


Wow thanks so much!! You are awesome too! Someone made my tag for me, I didn't make it XD


You can make your own tags, I have tags myself, and you can make your own tags as well! :D


Not bragging...



Haha I was looking through your projects one day and I saw your lemonade stand project. It inspired me to make my own but a different version!


I know, I really admired you before the features and stuff but when I saw that lemonade stand porject...

extreme excitement and a bit of ego


Btw madi i just wanna tell you something. When once i played your #hhc2016, that last guy keeps running away from me, and guess what! I ranked F :confused:


Yeah.. I may have made it a little too hard XD