-Madi-'s Tips for Projects


-Madi-'s Tips for Your Projects!

Hello everyone! Here I will be sharing some tips that I've learned about making projects! Feel free to add your own tips in the comments!

It's better to only use "Repeat forever" blocks when it's really necessary because they can start to slow down your game. Same thing with large objects.

Test for bugs by creating a new text object. In the object put in the code:
Repeat forever: set text to value _____
This way, you can see what your value is changing to while the game is running. You can delete the object when you don't need it anymore.

Ideas for a project can come from anywhere, but for me, I usually think of things that I like, and then work from there. For example, I thought, "I love lemonade... I should make lemonade stand game!"

Good graphics are key to making your game/project look professional and just look more awesome! After you finish your game, you can work on making a cool title screen and maybe add some background graphics to your gameplay.

Are you almost about to give up on a project because it's too hard? Don't! Remember that there is always a way to fix bugs. You just have to take the project one step at a time. Don't look at the big picture, think of the project in chunks. That way you will be more motivated to keep going!

If you want to "turn off" a section of code, meaning temporarily make the code stop running, change the "When" to when 7=6. You might want to do this if you are testing out code or for some other reason.

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Great tips, -Madi-! :smiley:


This is really cool!


Thanks! Do you have any tips of your own?


Wow! Awesome tips! I will definetly use these!


Not really. I guess my tip would be the general one:

Don't give up!

But you already said that!



Amazhang tips @Madi_Hopscotch_!


I knew I wasn't the only who did this


Great tips, -Madi-! :smiley: