-Madi-'s Tag List!


Hi everyone! I am making a tag list that I will only use when I need to make an announcement about new projects and other stuff. I will usually do it on my general topic instead of making a whole new topic.

Add your name below if you want to!

-Madi-'s Tag List

List (35 Tags)
@Jordan (Madi your amazing)
@Paige1212 (u mei senpai!!! U make great games :+1:t2:)
@KiraForPrez (Heyyyy Senpai!:+1:)
@KVJ (durr, hai Senpai)
@DMF of course
@iReesesCup I like noooooooooooodles
@WynterDiamond (I love your coding!)
@Dude73 I added you :wink:
@CreationsOfaNoob thanks for wanting to join!
@Periwinkle_Dolphin (Iā€™m late xD)
@SmileyAlyssa :slight_smile:
@PartTimeFemale hehe hoho
@FRENCH_WAVE123 I added you!
@HorseLover347 :D

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-Madi-'s General Topic!
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@Intellection74 I think your name was accidentally deleted :thinking:


Not me @Madi_Hopscotch_ oh


Bump, @Madi_Hopscotch_ you can ask @t1_hopscotch to make you a custom group that you can tag with the @ symbol.
Like @ Dylan329List which would tag everyone in my group. It will make it a lot easier, to do this, instead of copying and pasting this.


This is a great idea!