-Madi-'s Project: I need YOUR ideas!


Hi everyone! I am looking for YOUR ideas for my project.
So I just published this new project where you have to guess the number of ladybugs.


I can change this code to make it other things other than ladybugs. Does anyone have any ideas of what to use besides ladybugs? I'll give you credit!:smiley:


Ants? Beetles? Birds? Chickens/Chakins? Bananas?


That looks awesome! It's so cool and realistic!

Let's see, maybe you could do something that moves, like a bee or butterfly? Or maybe you could do something small like a worm or ant. :smile:


If you want to keep it gardened themed, maybe you could have

  • ants
  • flowers
  • butterflies

but if not

  • chips
  • cows (or any other animal you like)
  • coffee mugs
  • dishes in the sink


@Dude73 @KVJ @PopTart0219 these are great suggestions! Thanks! :smiley:


this is a super cute idea :DD

if you wanted to make the code a little more difficult, you could have it be mini-marshmallows and have them stay within a circle/the cup?? idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Awesome! You should do a plate of waffles, or maybe sugar cubes?


slices of pizza, make it so then there is a person and orders a certain ammount of pizza slices. The aim of the game is to give the person the correct number of pizza slices


Let's NOT get off topic with changing the game completely. c:


no... i mean you have to get the right number if pizza slices to win!


did i make that too confusing?


Kinda. I still understand it tho.


Are those ladybugs new characters or did you make them with pictures because of the subscription?


yes, she did. Its cool tho


Yes, they are subscription.


Who said otherwise?