-Madi-'s Poll Topic! NEW SURVEY!


This is my poll topic! I will post polls related to Hopscotch using Survey Monkey! Here's the first one!

1) https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QRRCQF6

2) https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WKS9SQD


Cool topic! I love polls!


Yess first like and reply!


Me too!! Polls are really fun​:smiley::smirk:


Awesome! I did the poll, but I spelled the last thing wrong lol. I wrote EP12 sorry!


Ok that's fine! Thanks for doing the poll!


I did the poll, some of the answers are a bit long :D


I did the poll! Is it possible for me to make one myself?


You want to make your own poll?
Yes, you can do that! :smiley: Just look up Survey Monkey. Then create an account and you can make polls!


i did the survey! I'm bad at coding xD


I die it's! Will you see what everyone put?


I can see all the answers but I can't see who wrote each of them!


Cool, thanks!

Um....not trying to be ripped at all, but I think it's survey..?
gosh why did I say that


Oops, you are right! :joy: I will fix that, thanks! :smiley:


Yeah, sorry, I correct people's grammar a lot...:joy:


i made a survey with survey money ;DDD


@BellaWafflez17, i think u did my survey cause u answer waffles in one of them xD


i haz been reveeld


New survey added! Please tell me if my email shows up so I can take it down!


i made an HS quiz similar to yours!