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Cool !

Are u planning to do any???


Hmm I might sometime later.






Hmm that's weird. I'm sure you'll get it soon!


Today is the hopscotch presidential election. I'm running and probably gonna lose because I don't have regular. I'm just saying, not telling you to vote for me.


Hi there Madi! :D

How is life?

Are you coding anything awesome? :DD


Hi @Candycane!

Life's.... pretty good I guess!

Right now I am working on a civilization game! Basically you are on an island (made of hexagons) and you have to build your civilization :D

I'm also working on another game that has:
- colors
- probability
- guessing
It is too hard to explain right now XD

I've got a million other ideas but I never have time to turn them into a HS project XD


That sounds like a really cool game. Its a great idea! :D


Thanks! While I have been making this project, I have discovered many new things about clones! It's really cool because even if a project I make doesn't work out, I always learn new tricks and learn how I can improve!


Really excited about the Civilization game. If you need help with "assets" (characters, drawings, backgrounds) I can help.



Awesome @Rodrigo, thanks so much! I have been doing lots of work on it and it had been coming along pretty nicely. I have been using other civilization games as references, such as the board game Settlers of Catan, the new game Civilization 6 that was just released for computers, and an app called Pre-Civilization Bronze Age. It is set up like a hexagon board.
This is what it looks like so far:

I have got the basic gameplay down. So far I have not used any images, but I might decide to add some.


Oh, it looks awesome! I've always wanted to see how is it possible to create a civilization game on Hopscotch. And I'm excited yet-not-surprised that it's you who's going to build a version of it. Can't wait to play it!

PS. Didn't knew there was a Civilization 6 :thinking: Haven't played the others that you mentioned, I'll take a look at them.


Also, it looks like you're designing it for iPad landscape. But this screenshot is iPhone. Do you start projects on iPad and then code on your phone? :thinking:


@Rodrigo Yes, I usually start projects on my iPad. I always have my phone with me, so sometimes I work on projects on my phone instead of my iPad. Although I prefer to use my iPad, but the phone works great too.


Thank you so much!! I can't wait to finish it, I hope it will turn out as good as I am imagining it.

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@KVJ (durr, hai Senpai)
@DMF of course
@iReesesCup I like noooooooooooodles

Hi tag list! Thanks for wanting to be included in my list! Her a preview of my next project I will be posting in the next few days:

The bees move around in circles, the rest of it is trail art.

Any suggestions?



I think it looks really, really good. I have a suggestion, but it looks so good right now so it´s your choise if you want to add it: clouds.


I likes it. Tomorrow I'm publishing a project I've been working on since November 2nd. That beehive is amazing. And I never would've thought of doing • as bees.


Oohh, is it a game game or an interactive piece of software/art?