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Hey! XD that's not fair give her top 20 people on hs then I'll be on that list I think


I love all Hopscotchers! The five I listed were just Hopscotchers I've known for a while and I am inspired by them. But all Hopscotchers are awesome!


More questions (for curiosity purposes):

Almonds contain cyanide, how many should I eat?
I just finished two tests for school, how well do you think I did on them?
How do I keep my code neat opposed to messy so I don't have problems working on them after not doing so for a few months?



Hai @Madi_Hopscotch_!!!
I admire your work :3


Thanks for answering the questions and the tip. XD


Thanks so much! :smiley:


;-; memories.


So I'm collabing with @Rawrbear and @CreationsOfaNoob but Rawrbear is pretty inactive while COAN lives in Sweden so his sleep schedule and stuff is different, should I do most of the work on the project? I won't specify the specific project...


Yeah I would do most of the work. But COAN can help out when it is day for him! :slight_smile:


I'll probably release the final version with instructions to unlock it or whatever. Thanks!


Wow, thank you!


I agree, they're all my role models in hopscotch (including you of course).


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Thank you so much! :D


Am I the first to reply in 5 days? The last one was by @Mathgirl.


Hello? Anyone? @Madi_Hopscotch_ I'm not sure if this is already mentioned, but how did you find out about HS?


My friend showed it to me! Too bad she doesn't use HS anymore :(


Hello fren !!!!

I walked out of likes for 39 min


How many collabs have u participated in???


A few. I am currently working on a collab with @Intellection74 (but we never really finished it XD)