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Thank you so much! :blush:


Woah that is so cool! You must have seen HS come a long way!


Sorry i was a bit late...


How many Hopscotchers were on when it first started?


I dunno not many but i know how many there were when they had the first update
Around 100 i think including backup accounts

Ooh btw when i first joined hf there were only like 200 people @Dude73 remember our doc,..


Yeah, I remember that! It was fun. :smile:

Yeah, when I joined there really weren't that many people. Most of the users back then have left. ;-;


U jouned in feburary last year right??


Yeah, I joined February 2016.

Not one of the early birds, but it's still a pretty long time. :joy:


Hey everyone! Check out my newest project! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/ycff2obt3 It is for the weekend challenge!


Cool i like it!!!


Madi do you want to make a project with me


Hi @BaconStudios! I would love to work with you but I am already working with 4 or 5 other people for collabs, so I think I would be too busy to do that right now. Maybe some time in the future! For now, you can ask me questions if you need help, and I am available to talk any time! :smiley:






Lol I replied to @Hermione's post but now it doesn't show up :0


I wasn't asking to make a collab just a game...but ok


Yes, I am just really busy with other collabs and projects and stuff. I would love to work with you sometime in the future! :smiley:


Oh ok that's fine I'll just put it in notes


Ok I put it in notes so I'll remember


Hallo Madi! Wassup? :D