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It's really cool!

I like it a lot! :wink:


I love it! The graphics are simple but look amazing and the bees are really realistic in their movement!


Leaving Hopscotch again but like usual I may visit back... have a nice break.


@Madi_Hopscotch_ congrats on The Magic Color Box getting onto Featured and on Best of 2016!!:+1:๐Ÿป:+1:๐Ÿป


Last time was Jan 1st


@Madi, isn't this a copy if your project on Trending?


Yeah I noticed that.

That user copies many people.



That old version of Hopscotch looks so cool! :smiley:


Erehmgi that old version of hs...


Oh yeah, it is! Is it a remix or did they actually remake it?


Hey Madi, haven't talked to you in a while! How have you been doing? :D


The person are probably just using a glitch that THT still haven't fixed. By using that glitch, it will remove the remix sign from the project. It could also be a total remaking, but with that complexity in the project it's more likely that it is a remix but with the glitch. This user has also copied many others, like @CreationsOfaNoob and @MagmaPOP, so if he/she (the user) doesn't have a lot of time to copy projects, it would probably be a remix. THT are working on a fix of the glitch, I think @Montoya or @Rodrigo was notified about this.


Hello? Anyone? that person does do a lot of plagiarism. IT WOULDN'T USUALLY BE THAT BAD BUT HE LITERALLY HAD TO PUT MADE BY HIM AND NOT GIVE CREDIT! enough caps for now. Yes this is 19 days late.


Hey @Madi_Hopscotch_ remember me?


Hi @CodePerfect, I remember you! Howโ€™s life :rofl:




Not bad! I might be coming back!


Not a bump (maybe if it was 11 hrs earlier)


Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay on my projects. There will be one posted tomorrow and then hopefully another later in the week. Just letting you know to watch out for some new projects from me! :wink:

My Upcoming Projects SPOILERS

Tomorrowโ€™s project will be: Random solar system generator
Later in the week project will be: Animal hybrid creator

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:ooo Glad ur back! And CANT wait to see your projects And will they be on Hopscotch?