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Yes, he's part of the team.


Then you should bring up the idea of making new blocks @Rodrigo


I get the feeling it's less CoSine and more

Repeat Forever.

   Move forward...


Ahm... sure, I help with everything. I'm the designer. I'm part of everything that Hopscotch adds to the app.

What did you think was my job?


What blocks are you thinking about?


The ones you use to make stuff and I was just making sure I knew what you did @Rodrigo


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Yeah, but, what kind of blocks do you need? What do you want to make?


I just want mor options when I'm making my game I'll think of it but I think there should be easy and then advanced


Almost every complex behavior while programming can be made out from simple behaviors. There are a lot of complex projects in Hopscotch. :slight_smile:


It was just a suggestion I think the we should be able to do
When 3 bumbs 5 and 6 stuff like that


M... You can do that with values. You want to count how many times an objects has collapsed with another object? Do this:

  • Add Object 1 (O1) & Object 2 (O2)
  • Add a Value and name it something like "Bumps-counter"
  • Add a when "When O1 bumps O2"
  • Add a block "Increase "Bumps-counter" by "1"

There you go. You're now counting how many times an objects has touched another object. This will create lives on a game. :slight_smile:


=P I can do lives on a game that I'm work on now but it has a bug




Okai ppl





WOAH! That's cool! Maybe you can add a sun or something :D


Awesome, thanks!


Ultimate Draw Pad v1.1 is out!


How did you felt when your project got a millions of plays? (At the first tine)


Woah, this is so cool! Did you make this?