-Madi-'s Game Contest!


I'm coding a game right now! If I finish in time, I'll be entering(Probably not because I'm so slow)
Awesome contest!


Yah, I'll try my best to enter!


Is it okay if I join?


Doesn't all games have title pages?
(I wanna join)


Ok so I will add you, you can always drop out​:wink:


Lol that's true :joy:
And ok I will add you!


Ok! You can let me know at any time​:wink:



Hello participants! I will tag you all like like this when I need to give a message about the contest! You can start working on your game if you already haven't. Good luck! If you have any questions, let me know!

Other people can still join


I can't decide what to make lol!


Can I join? It would be nice to get used to the new editor.


Can I join?
The competition will be good


Thanks! That means a lot!


Can I give in my link Now?


Hmm I would say wait until the deadline, you wouldn't want the other contestants to copy off your idea​:wink:


Also, did you already finish your game in like a day, or did you start before and decide to use it for the contest? Just wondering! :smiley:


I made it all today
I've got a little faster at coding now


So is the deadline the weekend coming
Or not


This coming weekend, I will check in with everyone. If everyone is done, you can post your link, if not, it would be the weekend after that.



Just reminding you that you 2 weeks to finish your game! If everyone is done in 1 week, we will start the polls then. So on September 16-17, let me know if you are done!