-Madi-'s Game Contest!


-Madi-'s Game Contest

Hi, it's -Madi-!
I am hosting a game contest!
As you probably know, I love making games!
So I decided to make a game making contest!
Btw this is not a copy off of @Valgo's topic, I had been planning this for a few days​:wink:

Any kind of game you want!

Your game should include:

A title screen
An original idea
Some graphics
No pictures! It would be unfair

(A title screen is option but you could have a chance to win an extra poll)

If you are not participating, you can vote!

How voting works:

After the deadline, I will put up a poll, and voters will choose their favorite project.

If you don't win, don't worry! I will also make polls for:
Most creative
Best title screen
Coolest graphics

NOTE FOR VOTERS: You have to vote a different Hopscotcher for each poll


If you win for best project, I will follow you and like some your projects! I will also give you a shoutout!

If you win for one of the three other polls, I will like some of your projects!


September 17-18 or 24-25

I will check in with everyone in a week, and if everyone is done we can start the polls. If not, we can wait a week!

This is Saturday and Sunday, you can submit it anytime in those two days. Please don't submit/post before that!

To submit, post the link to your project on this topic on the due date!

Comment below if you would like to join and I will add your name to the Participants list!






I'll join! :D
EDIT: Wait, what if it's a create a something game? :0


Second like and reply


Cool idea!
Sadly I can't join.


Any kind of game you want! :wink:


Well... This sounds cool, buuuut I'm not that good at coding XD

Idk of I should join? A lot of amazing coders are 0-0

I'll think about it...


Do you need to make an original game? I am working on a game right now but it's from the App Store. I want to finish that first before doing a contest or something


You can if you want to!! I would recommend it because it gives you a chance to improve your coding. There is only one other person so far, so it's not that much competition! :smiley: It can be any kind of game so it doesn't have to be complicated. You can let me know :wink:


I'll go ahead and do this! This sounds really fun


Is it ok if I revamp an old project with new code and features?

And can I enter the same game in valgo's contest and this one?



That's fine! :wink: So should I add you?


Wait so are you saying you want to use the game you were making from the App Store? I think I would allow that.


Hmm, it does sound nice! When's the turn-in date? :D

If it's too soon, then I won't enter cuz Imma busy bee XD

But if not, I think I will!


It's either gonna be a week from now or two weeks from now depending on if everyone is done​:wink:


Ok! :D

I'll think about and get back to you soon :D


K, so I had a chat with my dad, and I'll enter :D



Great! I can't wait to see what you create!!


Yep. But it might not be done in time. We'll see


https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y89q7t985 Here's my incredibly slow ocean generator that I'll be using for my ga,e


I would totally join this but I am a super slow coder and would have an 80 percent chance of missing the deadline. XD

I have a game that's 3/5 done but I've been working on it for about a month. XD

Can't wait to see all the awesome games you guys make if you are entering! c: