-Madi-'s Game Contest VOTING ENDED


-Madi-'s Game Contest

Some Hopscotchers have entered my game contest, and this topic is so you can vote for your favorite!

Play these projects on an iPad!!! @FoodDelivery's projects is glitching when you use a computer.


There will be 4 polls:

  1. Best overall
  2. Best title screen (title screens were optional!)
  3. Most creative
  4. Coolest graphics

Please don't vote for yourself! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Try to vote someone different for each category! Votes are anonymous. Please play all the projects before deciding, and vote for all 4 polls!

Prizes have not been decided yet!

Best Overall

Most Creative

Best Title Screen (Only vote for them if they have a title screen)

Best Graphics

Happy Voting! :grin:


Oh look. I'm winning.


oops I was too late to enter. nvm


Thanks for voting everyone!:grinning:


Gahhh they r all so Gud ;-;



When will you close the polls?


Oh okay! :grinning:


Hmm I'm ny sure. Maybe when I see that there is going to be a deffinete winner? Idk yet.


You can if you want to! :laughing:I won't know so, you could!


lol doesn't matter I won't vote for myself


Besides, you (in my opinion) Have the best project out of all of us.


Thanks @KarmicSans2 I worked hard on it. I really like yours too


wait a minute, why dont you have a game link?


@DA-BEASTY 's game was put twice


Oopsies.... did I do that? So sorry!!! I'll will fix it!


Sorry it is fixed now!


Should I redo the polls since no one saw @KarmicSans2's game?


Ok thanks!


If you want to. Its your choice...


@KarmicSans2 do you want me to? I will definitely do that since it wouldn't be fair otherwise!