-Madi- /KVJ Tutorial Ideas


I think your projects are super cool! Also that is a good ideas for a tutorial, I might do that! :smiley:


Thanks! I'm working on a project that's a shop right now. You have a list on what to buy form the store, but you lose it so you have o remember what to buy and the values will help you decide if you are buying the right thing when you get home. If a certain value isn't a certain number, then you lose when you get home. It's kind of a memory game and a fun game that helps you deal with money and buying what you actually need form the store.


That sounds like a really fun and creative game! :smiley:


I'm not sure if it will be finished or I'll stick with it because I've never really done this stuff before but I'm excited! Maybe it'll be my first feature if I finish it.



And yeah why not? Plus maybe we can help Hops realise some uses they may have been missing? Or that could help newer Hops get to know the blocks! So yeah we should.


@KVJ what else do we need to do for the tutorial?


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Oh well


I'm not sure. So we've done those above and have power, root and rounding. Then maybe the basics and is that it?


Ok that sounds good​:wink:(Sorry I didn't respond earlier, I was at school)


Great! And that's fine, I'm much busier nowadays too so I get it :wink:


Ok, so just the basics like addition, subtraction, etc.
What would we say for those? Like, 2 + 2 = 4? :joy:


Well for addition and subtraction I think of (X pos + 500) or something. If can be used for distances or for characters to draw mirror images!


Ok, sounds good. :wink: So we would each either do multiplication/division and subtraction/addition? Which ones do you want to do?


I'll do + - because I have more practice with that, if that's okay?


Ok, I'll work on mult and div soon​:wink:



And I'll start working on the add/sub stuff.


Hi @KVJ I still haven't done the mult and div, hehehe procrastination. I am busy today so maybe tonight or tomorrow? Also I have heard people say that funky 63 was an adult.. I never knew that! How do people know?


I think he said or something. Idk.

And same lol. Procrastination is my life...


Bump :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol we still haven't finished! XD