Made something that doesn't look right?-help


Have you ever made something that just doesn't seem what you though it would be like? You can get some help here to make it look perfect just give the link. You can tag the person that you specifically want to get help with too!


Isn't this exactly like Talk To A Hopscotcher?


Also a few people have made these kinds of topics before. We don't need tens of these kinds of topics.


This seems similar to @CreativeCoder's topic, "Give Advice! Get Advice!", or "Talk To a Hopscotcher". Do you think you could recycle or have me close? :slight_smile:


This is an original -ish topic.


Also "Talk a Hopscotcher", eh?


I think it's beter to recycle...


Or sell it lel I keep saying this


Did you make that topic?


Yes I did, so that's why I'm trying to spread le word.


I know, but they may not have any ideas or just don't want to recycle, so I'm giving an alternate option.


I mean it's all in the person deciding, eh?


I know, but I don't think the forum should be filled with topics that can't be used...
Just my opinion. :)


Yeah, but it's a choice. If they want it to be closed, than I'm fine with that.