Mad Libs In Hopscotch! (COLLAB) (Read Please)


Okey! So I randomly thought of this, and I decided to make Mad Libs in Hopscotch! So the collab part of this is that I need writers. I need writers for Mad Libs stories, with the blanks not filled in.
Oh right...
If you don't know what Mad Libs is, it's a game where you fill in the blanks of a story to make it as silly as possible.
So I only need three stories, but I might need some helpers for the actual game part thing. So does anyone want to help with this?



The way I want to do this is have a selection menu of words for the blanks on each story! I also want the story to be a different one every time you refresh.


I would! I really like writing and this seems fun!


Cool! I'm planning this as a long time project that I keep adding stories to. I have a Mad Libs book that will help a lot with this.


Great idea! Can I join?


I was always wondering when mad libs would come to hopscoth ill join!


Wow that would be really cool I may or may not join cause I'm busy at the moment!


But I could help you guys think of stuff!


Everybody who said they wanted to join- do you want to be writers or just general coders or both?
I've actually seen Mad Libs in hopscotch, but not the way I'm imagining it...
EDIT: Just saying, they will be very short stories XD


Writer! I love writing!




Bumping up!
Put the stories here when you are ready, and what're your hopscotch usernames?


It's for crediting you guys, and trading drafts with thebestest


My name is happy12345678910 but i said I would give ideas unfortunately I don't have much time to code it In hopspcocthhopspctch sorry!!


Can I be a writer?

I assume that we would come up with Mad Libs stories, right?


Yesh! Thank you ^-^
I just need your hopscotch username for the credits!



This is going to be SO cool!


My hopscotch h username is Tiger Lily​:hibiscus::tiger:


Here's my first mad lib! It's okay, I guess.

I love the app (noun)! People (verb) and code on it. There are so many cool (noun) to see! There's (adjective) games, art, and (plural noun). It's also a great coding community. We're like one (adjective) (emotion) (noun)!

@EggsOnSaturn1, what do you think?


That's awesome! I can fill in the blanks to make it normal, but of course I'm going to make all the words weird XD


Do the Mad Libs have to be Hopscotch related like @TigerLils, or can they be rankdom ones? @EggsOnSaturn1


They can be completely random!