Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade 2016!



If you want you can come here and talk about the parade (if you watch it or know what it is)!
Also, you can take pictures of the TV or wherever you are watching it from, sharing your favorite float "balloon" thing (BUT DONT SHARE ANYONES FACE) Hopefully this topic hasn't been made yet...

The parade starts at 9:00am EST time

It's the 90th Macy's Thanksgiving day parade!

Again Happy Thanks giving.

Poll about Christmas ...

If you celebrate Christmas, when will you start decorating, (sorry if you are some how offended since you don't celebrate it, but you can just pick Not decorating or Don't celebrate!

  • Today/ this weekend (Thanksgiving - Nov 26)
  • Next week (Nov 27- Dec 3)
  • 2 weeks from now (dec 4 - dec 10)
  • 2 weeks before Christmas (Dec 11 - Dec 17)
  • Week before Christmas (Dec 18 - Dec 24)
  • Christmas Day (December 25)
  • Not decorating or Don't celebrate





Is anyone going to reply to this topic :confused:


Great idea! I will send pics...


We Russians celebrate it at 7th of January :confused:


I don't really like the parade, but I watch it and normally code!


Woah really, I didn't know that. Cool and different xD

i am decorating for Christmas today/ this weekend and maybe a few other days! xD


The parade has started xD




Cool pictures xD. Good job!



I'm watching it right now..

But commercials


I pretty much already decorated for Christmas :D


Thanks! Im stuck in commercials so I can't send rite now


I decorated inside already, but doing outside later today.
Going golfing in a few minutes.



Sorry, but can you keep posting pictures, because I have to go golfing in a few, so can you keep posting pictures if you are fine with that. Thanks!




I will try to watch it. I live on the opposite side of the country but I am going to pull up YouTube and try to watch it live stream on my laptop. I will tell ya how it goes​:wink: