Ma Hopscotchy:p topic 2k17 ! We love Hermione! edit the title!


Hi I just wanted to make a new one because it's


So chat away !!!!!
- Change the title but nothing that disrespects the community guidelines

I will give daily shoutouts and edit this to join my friend list

fren list

Edit here to join my fren list!
@lollypopcorn ;D
@JonnyGamer (:^|)-<-< random guy!

Daily shoutouts

12/30 - @refugeecat123 you are very kindhearted person
12/31 - @TrendyGirl she is soooo nice
1/1~ @KVJ for amazing projects
1/2 - @Rubywolf for liking this topic first
4/28- @t1_hopscotch

5/24 - @Jonnygamer


Thank you so much for the shoutout!


Thank you so much! You made my day, senpai


Thank you!

My first shoutout of the year! (I think)


yey lol 2 month ago



Welcome back @Hermione



IDK what else to say xD


Hi @t1_hopscotch I see u btw


Hey @Hermione :relaxed:

Hehe yeah sure :blush: you must have missed how it was when the forum was new...


Yes a lot.....
U know no flame wars I wonder if there was a word such as flame wars or rants I personally wish rants ere banned


Yeah :pensive:

you must be feeling frustrated with seeing rants currently too.


h1 is sufficient for all.


ok @lollypopcorn u wanted to talk !!!! :D


What do you wanna talk about?


I dunno .....
we've never acutually properly talked before have we?
I am soooo sry but i have to leave soon I literally have 3% :sob: We can talk later tho...


It's okay, we can talk later friend! :)


Nvm I'm on another IPad 4 now but it's rly old so I will post like real slowly!





Do u draw u seem like a writing coding person but I'm not sure!


Yeah, I draw and code a lot! My two favorite things to do!