M.S.H Leaders+ Discussion Topic!


If you are not @Paige1212, @MiNi, or me (@Explorer_) Plz do not post here, if you want to join the club, there is a topic for that. Just search up (M.S.H) and it will pop up. Here we will talk about how to make the club better, and creating activitys. Any ideas for activitys?


No arguing
No starting flame wars
Be nice
Try to stay on topic

Make Smishy Happy Club! (M.S.H)

1- oh, I'm not a leader
2- I am a sharp object
3- I'm not supposed to be here
4- bye xD

Your welcome :D


Thanks for stoping by?


So what should we do first?


Mmmmm idk what the first activity should be??!


I'm kinda busy, but I will make one today!