M.E.S Studio - Share Source Code



M.E.S Studio, or Make, Edit, Share! Studio is being released within the next few weeks. This is a program designed and programmed by me to access the source code of our Hopscotch programs, without tools such as iTunes.

Creating your Hopscotch programs is still the same as ever. Using the Hopscotch app on your iDevice

With M.E.S Studio you can edit the resolution of your projects and more!
You can then export this project onto your Windows desktop or import other Projects onto Hopscotch

Rather then remixing to help demonstrate an idea, you can send the file to them with a link (such as mediafire, if you use Mega you are an evil person) which will not show a remix watermark and makes FTU project’s a lot easier to use

This handy program will be easy to use, as far as importing and exporting goes. Editing the source code should only be done by people who know what they are doing however I will make it as easy as I can for non-experienced people to give it a shot.

I feel as if the entire Forum Community deserves this so I am going to tag @OMTL and @POMTL.

Thoughts, Suggestions? Let me know down below!


Question, what language of code did you use to create this? Just curious.


Can’t wait did You make this you’re self?


Yes. I am working on this by myself.


@POMTL Please tell me if you want early access to this program


I want to try it out


I would really like to try this out! What language is it written in?


I’m guessing Java,Java Script, and C++,


I haven’t started working on it just yet, but I’m thinking C++.

I’m going home today which is 600km away and we are driving so I wont be able to make it today.

Edit: I will try to have early access out tomorrow (most likely in 30hrs)



M.E.S Studio - Make, Edit, Share! unfortunately, despite my best efforts, WILL require iTunes or some program to export files over to your computer and back. Super sorry! If we were talking Android devices, I could but unfortunately Apple is very strict with transferring files so I can’t do anything about this

But I’m going to have a break now since Fortnite Season 5 just dropped and the servers are back online so :slight_smile:


iTunes is easy to install, don’t worry! It will still be awesome! It takes up roughly 2GB of space on my computer though. You could still use a smaller 3rd party alterative (at your own risk), like iTools or iFunBox.


haha, some of my drafts are from so long ago they for some reason don’t have uuid’s which is wierd.



Tell me what you want added and I will try to add it :smiley:

Early Access:


Cool! Do you use it for pc/iPad or both!


I have it installed IDK what to do now
NEver mind


Do you need help or did you figure it out?


I figured it out and it worked could be more colorful


Okay! Working on it now :smiley:


See ya later!
Good luck


I tried it with a random project JSON and it worked perfectly! Cool!