Lyrabubbles's General Topic


Hello everyone! A lot peeps do general topics so I thought why not? (This is my first topic so I may be a bit terrible at this) In this topic you could ask any question and I will try my best to answer it, or you could talk about related things too. By the way, thanks guys, the general topic was your idea and I really got the inspiration from you. Oh, yeah, you could also ask for help with coding.





Oh, wrong thing.

You know, I made that list for people to be able to copy and paste it?


What do you mean wrong thing? (No offense)


Wrong topic maybe? :thinking:


Come to think about it, you may be right.


I copied the wrong thing. Actually, I pasted the wrong thing.


Oh, don't worry everyone makes mistakes.


What was the actual thing you wanted to paste?


The Mass Q and A list. Well, some don't answer all of the questions, anyway. :sweat_smile:


Cough did it twice cough


Well..... I got nothing.


Hey, @tankt2016 I saw your Mass Q and A list.