Lucy's Second Year Anniversary


23rd March


Greetings, people I’ve known for two years! I can’t believe I actually made it this far! I thought that I would just quit like everyone else who have been here for long. My change in appearance, behaviour, and character was more than the drastic can describe. So much has happened, so much has altered. The eleven years old Lucy would never have guessed what type of person she is today…

I don’t usually write something like this but I’m just too happy to see what the Hopscotch Forum became what it is today. I have been watching this community since mid-2016 and how it transforms. Looking back, we were so happy and positive and cringey and funny and immature and stupid. I was this idiotic happy girl who thought that optimism just comes through like oxygen. But then, things happened, I realised that good luck is not always following me, I changed and so did you guys.

Thank you, all of the people who have been kind and offered friendship. Thank you, to all of the people who hated and insulted me. Thank you, the ones who can see who I am. Thank you, for you who did not know me until today.

Acknowledgements to:
@BlackSeal, the one and only Jagoda. My Polish darling. Inspiration. I will never forget.
@OnceUponATime Lyra who will always be in my memories.
@minioncandy and @glam_unicorn my greatest cheerleaders. Pom-poms to Minnie and Lana.
@Jojo Aussie bud. I’m sorry that I’ve left you and might come back again.
@Rainboom, @treefrogstudios, and @FearlessPhoenix, you might not be with me today, but your names are stuck to my heart.

And everyone else I forgot to mention.

People come and go, and on. I’m sorry to say that in the future I might be like the people who’ve left and move on. But I have been here, and still am. Even when I’m gone, my legacy will stay.

Savour the moment while I am present.

Lucy .D, “StarryDream”



Cool. It’s a huge accomplishment


congratulations :D


Congrats, you’re a really cool person




Congratulations! It is a huge milestone and definitely something that should be acknowledged, like how you did! :smile:


O o f

one long post pending


congrats, Lucy!
Polish darling? I haven’t heard anything as nice as this recently


laughs awkwardly

I wrote a very long post regarding my old view on popularity. Spent fifteen minutes on the writing and wording, then the system be like “You have 1 post pending” blah blah blah



I think my anniversary is in September


WOAH, I said that I h a t e the new update and now my post is pending!!




I hate the new update tbh


congrats c:

i hope u have many kewl anniversaries 2 come


Congratulations @StarryDream! I wish you many more anniversaries to come! ^w^


Happy second-year anniversary! I think that I actually remember your last anniversary, although I have no idea why.


Congratulations Starry! :tada:


Congratulations, Starry !


Thanks for all of your support. I don’t think I’ll stay for another two years, sorry! It’s likely that I will move to another forum in five years at maximum? Please don’t be sad, and keep in mind that no one can stay forever.