LP Request Form!



Please fill out! Thank youu!
I would also appreciate it if you could fill out the feedback questions as well ^^
Please no offensive entries. One person already came in as @SnowGirl_Studios, saying that my art is terrible, that they would not recommend it to anyone and requesting something disgusting. Now as @BuildASnowman too. Sigh. And @Bubbles4Ever929. PERSON, PLEASE STOP.


Umm I tried it but it won't work. How do I do it?

Edit: put my form on the forum


I do not draw animals :(

I'll draw a bunny though, since two people already asked for a bunny xD


I requested me, and I did not mean to be offensive at all​:wink:


How do make a form???


Get the app, I have it!


Thank you SO much for being honest in the form! I will try to make my art better so that 'maybe' becomes 'yaaas'! :D


Can't find it... You mean in the App Store right?


Looked no, Safari


How did you do this???


@LotsaPizza I requested ;D I'd like that drawing to be my profile pic- if that's okay :blush:


Sure! So I'll make it on procreate :wink:
@Fifithefunnyflower 9 out of what? 10? 9? 8? Please be specific :wink: Also, the request I did for you had much color. Are you looking at the wrong request?
Thank you, @GysvANDRegulus :smiley:




@PercyJackson9 no I just replied to your post :blush:


@LotsaPizza did you get my request? ;D


Yup! Would you like more shy or scared?


More Shy Please @LotsaPizza

And i don't care what others say I think your an amazing drawer ;D


Oh yes I was looking at the wrong request Faceplams self the request was great!!!
And yes 9/10 So sorry I'm super bad at requests


I do these doodles in like 2 minutes and requests in like 2 hours, so I was like,
@Wookie aw thank you!!


Do you have time for mine?