Low frame rate when big objects are on screen


Device: iPad Air IOS 11.1.2

Problem: If I make the objects in my scene fairly large the frame rate drops pretty low and makes the game unplayable. If the objects are smaller the frame rate goes high again.

Here’s a picture to show how a low amount of large objects drops the frame rate to below 58.

This could be a bug or just a limitation of Hopscotch idk, thanks for the help.


What is “pretty low” FPS for you?


For me, below 40 FPS


Depending on how big the object is, I can have maybe 6 triangles and if they are covering 1/3rd of the screen my fps will drop to 30ish and will be REALLY stuttery


I think it’s just your processor, you have the A7X, and that thing is quite slow now


It still just seems weird to me that performance is based on how big an object is


Yes. I would email THT with a link or a name of your project so that they could check it out.


Not sure how to help. Sorry.
I never seen this happen, but I don’t do big projects usually either


If you have a repeat forever set width and height, remove that. Otherwise, idk