Hai Hopscotchers! c:

I've recently seen a lot of hate towards the Leaders. As with any hate, I find this incredibly rude. They didn't do anything! All they're doing is keeping the community safe and happy. :D

So as a way to show our appreciation for all the awesome Leaders and what they do for the community, let's make projects for them!

You can make trail art, a game, or anything, but you must have at least one thing in the project be related to the Leaders!

Publish it with #LoveYourLeaders and post the link+your username here, and we can have a showcase of Leader Appreciation projects!

Have fun with this, everyone! :D

P.S. I didn't know which category to put this in, so it's in Collabs. XD


I agree people are putting hate.
I'm ambivalent


I agree :thumbsup:

Da Leaders are awesome


I agree:)

Leaders are getting wayyyyyyy to much hate:(


I agree! :)

Awesome topic, senpai @Sensei_Coder :D


Yeah, they really don't deserve all this unreasonable hate. Leaders are people too, they aren't heartless robots like system. They just have more responsibilities, and they shouldn't get hate just because they're trying to help the community.


Any TYPE of hate I strongly dislike.


Yeah! I think the mods have a lot of stress, having to deal with flags and flame wars, hackers, fakers, trolls, bad alt accounts, and a lot of other things! D:


@KVJ @Nerd4Ever Those tags tho ._.

Thank you guys! This topic got Nice Topic in less than 10 minutes. WAT

I'm working on a trail art of the Leaders fighting System in a bit war. (And the Leaders win, and are fighting System with likes. XD)


What are people complaining about?


This is an awesome topic, I 200% agree :D

I made a project for it: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y7ooobzk3


The leaders are awesome! :D


What? Who is hating? What happened???


For @Kiwicute2016 @Gilbert189


Of the many posts I've read today, a good part of them had to do with this whole leader hate/discrimination thing. I'm mostly just...disgusted. I don't know if that's the right word, but I think you get what I'm saying. I'm not happy with the responses of many people. You guys do an amazing job as leaders. I don't get why you're getting so much hate. You were specifically selected by the Hopscotch team to moderate the forum, and I'm upset that people are hating on you guys just because you're doing an outstanding job of helping keep the forum safe. I, for one, definitely don't stay on topic nearly as much as I should, and you guys are amazing at telling people such as myself to GBOT. I really appreciate it. You guys are really, truly amazing.

Just don't get the hate get to your head. The people who are hating on you should not be. People will legit always find some way to complain. It's pretty incredible, really. XD Read some app reviews...I usually get a good laugh out of some of them. XD
Hate is always going to be there. Just block it out, and be as amazing as you guys are. :)


Is what I say to your logic :clap:

silently tags @Maltese


Thank you!! That meant a ton!

Hate goes right over my head. whoosh


Agreed! What did @Gilbert189 even do? And when have they gotten hate?


I think the reason why people on hating on the leaders is because of what happened in Anonymous's last topic. It just worried people. Also, the "I'm scared" topic should not be mistaken as hate (nobody ever said that though). I still agree though


The little characters are so cute and colorful! :D


I feel sorry fir @Gilbert189 from Anony's last topik.
Some puddings fir Gilburrito::custard::custard::custard::custard::custard::custard::custard::custard::custard::custard: