Love Nice People!



So I would like to thank @Chibimeringue @Fizzy_27 and others that like my posts and stuff, like I said I’m new to the forum! I’m sorry about the request comment. I LOVE NICE PEOPLE! So please be nice. I also have a hopscotch account, so… Okay! :heart:️ Bye!!


Hi! You said you like nice people? I wonder how you would describe me :slight_smile:!


Your really nice. Um… so do you have a hopscotch account? You seem amazing!


Yeah! I am BestCoderInTheWorld :earth_africa: although I’m hardly active, I’d be happy if you could check it out! And thanks for the compliment, I’d love to help you find your way round the forum!


Or… around the globe like in your post…

No… okay nevermind


*replying to first post


Thank you for saying that




hmmmmm I know you oh ya I think I follow you on hopscotch? I’m new to the hopscotch Forum too but not like superrrrr new. just bleh.


Love what your doing, but I just read and liked close to 5 topics of yours, in a row!! Maybe just create one topic to talk to everyone on the forum! It is called a General Topic, and is similar to a chat room!


Yeah some other people said that to, I’m gonna start staying on one topic so I don’t clog the forum!


So… on the actual hs app, I’m working on an art pad. It’s halfway done! I’m so excited!!!