Lots of small, annoying bugs in Hopscotch

  1. When you are scrolling, sometimes blocks go blank.
  2. Sometimes when you cut a math block out of a when block the scroll jerks and you go up to the top or down to the bottom of the code, and then you have to find your way back.
  3. You can randomly see the ‘See Code’ and name of every object in the grid, which makes it hard to edit things sometimes.
  4. I was making a game, and I set a variable to -3.1, then I increased it by one 3 times, and it equaled -0.1000000000000001.
    Okay... what? Block not triggering for no reason
  5. Sometimes when you select an empty place, the blue selector thing stuffs up. (I didn’t have a screenshot of it, but this is what it looks like)
  6. You can’t delete variables. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but it is annoying.
  7. When you change what object a sprite is, the name reverts to normal.
  8. If you select a math block, then press ‘And’ it deletes the original.

  9. When you use an external keyboard on an IPad, the text stays grey and it doesn’t think you entered anything.
  10. Some special texts mess up due to weird formatting. I dunno.

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Write this into the url: https://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/okay-what-block-not-triggering-for-no-reason/50113/29?u=mission_impossible


Add more than 3 objects.


Why? It happens in all kinds of projects, with 15 or more objects.


Do you have a screenshot of that?


No. Why?


These are odd… I got the See Code one.


Just do this: https://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/50113/29 (remove title name)


What do you mean?


Check again (remove topic name)


Weird. It´s good that you reported this, and I hope that THT will be able to replicate all the bugs you reported!