Lots of nested math blocks -> editor lag


I just wanted to report this on the forum as well, for anyone who happens to come across it (Hopscotch Team knows about it already :smiley:)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a lot of nested math blocks:
    (you can reproduce it by just tapping any math blocks repeatedly. The deeper the nesting, and the more of them there are, the laggier it becomes)

(this was me trying to isolate it)

  1. I start to notice lag when:
  • scrolling past the math blocks
  • dragging another block over math blocks
  • typing (text or number keypad)

Hopscotch version: v3.18.0 (current version)


First like and reply. Nice topic, because people could be experiencing the same problem and they don’t know why! :blush:


I think the problem is that we should be able to zoom away when we have a long block. Which could make it smaller and less laggy.


I think I have seen something similar.


I’ve experienced this a lot, especially in my 3D and landscape generator projects.


Isn’t spammin.g any block going to make it lag like that?Well maybe not the movement blocks but you know what I mean…


True, but normally you wouldn’t use tons of movement blocks in a project. However for some cases, you would use a lot of nested math blocks.


my bezier curve uses a whole bunch of nested math blocks all crushed into one single block for the whole operation, so i can really feel the lag